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It has been estimated that the average person now spends over 2 hours a day using social media. That's 2 hours a day when you could be selling your service or product to them.

If your competitors are putting the time & cash in to their social profiles and you aren't, they will take that business from you.

But the main question is...where do you start?

The era of just 'doing' social media ended a while back; posting the odd unedited photo here or text update there. Nowadays your audience expects a certain level of finesse, an open line of communication and a platform to express their opinions on.

Whilst social media has created another front that you need to invest in, if it is done properly, you can compete for business that you never thought possible.

We have been working with social media platforms since they were first released in the very early 2000's and we have ridden the wave ever since.

We offer social media management and ad hoc post design depending on how much help you need. If you would prefer to learn the techniques and best practices so you can implement them yourself in the future, look at our bi-annual social media camp.

Social Media Management

With our social media management packages we help you push your social accounts to their maximum capabilities. We do this by creating engaging and interesting daily content for all your platforms, respond to all of your followers' comments and reviews and increase your audience by putting your accounts out there opening lines of communication with other businesses in your community.

Due to the time consuming nature of social media management, we only work with a select few businesses at any one time. For more information and a bespoke quote, please hit the button below.

Ad Hoc Posts

Maybe you still want to run your social media accounts but would like a little help with designing some posts.

We offer a contract free way to buy a post, or a series of posts, for special events, for example:

Christmas / Event Information
New Product / Menu Releases
Business Updates
Seasonal Offers / Vouchers
Banner Ads / Cover Photos

Whatever your requirements, get in touch using our contact page and let us know what you are looking for.

Social Media Camp

Twice a year we run a full day 'camp' where you can get tips, tricks and best practices to help you improve your companies social media strategy. We will also sit down with you and analyse your business' current social strategy, evaluate your competition and help you improve your use of online platforms.

If you are unable to attend these events but are interested in some one-on-one or group training, get in touch and we can sort something out.

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